The Mothman Files
By: Bram Stoker Award-Winner Michael Knost
Softcover, 164 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9829937-5-0

REGULAR $21.95

Foreword by Jeff Wamsley, Author of "Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes"
Afterword By Thomas F. Monteleone

(Anthology Edited by Michael Knost, author of the 2014 novel "Return of the Mothman")

Strange occurrences and alarming sightings in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia—including the shocking appearance of a bizarre winged apparition that became known as the Mothman—troubled the once tranquil community from November 1966 to December 1967. Mysterious lights sparkled and moved across the winter heavens. Domestic animals were found slaughtered and mutilated. Weird speculations among townsfolk began to emerge that have never been fully confirmed or explained.

Most alarming, many say the strange Mothman visitations never stopped. The terrifying legend was birthed in the mountains, but now visitations have been documented around the world. Credible eyewitnesses abound—from every region of America and South America, from Europe to Asia—of a winged beast of mammoth proportions.

The stories inside this volume further this legend and are penned by some of the best storytellers in the nation. Contributing authors include Chandler Kaiden, Bev Vincent, S. Clayton Rhodes, Karin Fuller, Brian J. Hatcher, Lisa Morton, Victorya Chase, Orrin Grey, Jessie Grayson, William Meikle, John J. Barnes, Adrian Ludens, and Joseph Nassise. They have done their research and have much to say about the creature. Be prepared. Many of their final conclusions are petrifying.