By: Jessie Grayson and Ellen Thompson McCloud
Softcover, 140 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9829937-7-4

Shadows and Mountains: Fireside Stories From the Dark Heart of Appalachia. Glimpse beyond the stunning beauty of Appalachia into what hides beneath. Allow these stories to guide you down spooky hollow roads and deep into the mysterious mountains within its dark heart, where monsters, mayhem and madness abound and things are never exactly as they seem.

Walk the hill paths, under the light of a sinister moon, with authors Ellen Thompson McCloud and Jessie Grayson as they weave together several chilling tales that promise to leave you staring into the wilderness, wondering what might be staring back. 

Shadows and Mountains: Fireside Tales from the Dark Heart of Appalachia dares the reader to look beyond the obvious splendor .... Will you?


About the Authors:

JESSIE GRAYSON lives in Harts, West Virginia, where she was born and raised. Jessie is a wife, mother and writer of dark fantasy and horror. She enjoys reading quietly, drawing badly and questioning everything. Some of her favorite things are loud music, strong coffee, rainy days and dry humor.

ELLEN THOMPSON McCLOUD resides with her family in southern West Virginia, where she has always lived, and she says she has the coolest kids on the planet. Ellen enjoys shooting sports, and writing, reading and watching movies about the horror/dark genre. Currently she is preparing for the zombie apocalypse and enjoying paranormal research in her spare time. She has a good sense of humor and copes with her insanity reasonably well on a daily basis.