Time Spent With God

Time Spent With God
By: Sandy Blackburn
Softcover, 232 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9824939-8-4

Author Sandy Blackburn has penned an exceptional and inspiring daily devotional. "Time Spent With God" is the first installment of the Hopper Heritage Series—a Hopper family commitment to publishing extraordinary Christian book titles and materials that encourage, inspire and energize believers in Christ. "Time Spent With God" —Biblically sound, thought-provoking and uplifting—has received the endorsement of The Hoppers, America's First Family of Gospel Music. The Lord has given Sandy one of His most gracious gifts, by enabling her to write about everyday happenings in life. Nothing seems to be left out: the early morning sunrise, the birds of the air, her little stray cat, Boots of Grace, and people. God has taught her through the insights of everyday life experiences—and through the study of the Scriptures—and from her heart and hand flow wonderful writings that will both inspire and encourage others. (Published by Woodland Gospel Publishing, a division of Woodland Press, LLC).

“A powerful collection of writings that will both encourage and inspire.”
— Connie Hopper, The Hoppers

“Time Spent With God will surely take you on an intimate spiritual journey. We encourage you to get onboard.”
— Claude Hopper, The Hoppers


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sandy Blackburn is a stay-at-home wife and grandmother raising her oldest grandchild. As an active volunteer in her church and small rural community of Welcome, North Carolina, she makes her quiet time with God a daily priority in her busy life. Writing and lay speaking have allowed her opportunities to use all the broken and shattered fragments of her life into devotionals and messages that encourage others and glorify God. From losing her first child to the ultimate loss of three young granddaughters in a horrible car accident, she has experienced first-hand the faithfulness of a loving and most gracious God.

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