Images of America: Logan County, West Virginia (Signed by the author)

By: F. Keith Davis
Softcover, 128 pages
ISBN: 9780738582481

Forged through time by varied cultures and numerous crises, Logan County, West Virginia provides an intriguing landscape that has nurtured equally intriguing people. In 1774, after the death of their beloved Chief Cornstalk, a tribe of Shawnee Indians led by his daughter, Princess Aracoma, settled into the area. From meager beginnings, the region began to grow, and in 1824, Logan County was formed and named in honor of Chief Logan, head of the Mingo tribe. By the late 1870s, during the height of the timber and coal industries, it was known as home to the Hatfields of the infamous feud. In 1921, Logan became the backdrop of the Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest armed labor confrontation in United States history. Logan County has had more than its share of coal mine disasters, labor uprisings, flash flood tragedies, and shady political shenanigans, but it has always been a naturally beautiful and, for the most part, peaceful place to live and raise a family. It has a fascinating past that is well worth revisiting.

This historical volume was used as source material, along with other important works, in the 2012 HISTORY channel documentary, "America’s Greatest Feud: The Hatfields and McCoys,” directed by Mark Cowen and narrated by Kevin Costner. Many photographs from the Davis collection were used in the documentary.

Author Bio: Historian and former newspaperman F. Keith Davis is the author of several books and manages his own publishing business, Woodland Press, LLC.