Woodland Press authors to appear at Matewan Reunion Festival (June 21st)

The Feuding Hatfields & McCoys

MATEWAN, WV — According to community planners, the upcoming event, Matewan Reunion Festival, will have a variety of family-oriented entertainments and happenings. This year, among the activities, Mountain State and nationally recognized authors are scheduled to appear, including F. Keith Davis, Steven Stone, and Kyle Lovern. The authors will be greeting the public and discussing their various Appalachian-based book titles on Sat., June 21st at the Matewan Depot.

Davis is the co-author of The Feuding Hatfields & McCoys; editor of The Tale of the Devil: The Biography of Devil Anse Hatfield; author of The Secret Life and Brutal Death of Mamie Thurman, West Virginia Tough Boys, Images of America: Logan County, and others. Davis, along with other historians, also appeared on the critically acclaimed 2012 History Channel documentary, "America's Greatest Feud: Hatfields and McCoys.”

Mingo County author, reporter, and UFOlogist Kyle Lovern is the author of Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters, & Unexplained Phenomena (volumes 1 and II), and Memories of Tug Valley. For example, the book, Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters, & Unexplained Phenomena, Lovern documents eyewitness accounts of UFOs and strange encounters from the Appalachian region. Using his background in newspaper and radio, Lovern conducted interviews with various citizens about their unusual encounters and extraordinary experiences. Although that book focused solely on incidents occurring in the Mountain State, his new project probes into occurrences taking place in a larger section of the Appalachian mountain region, where individuals from West Virginia and neighboring states document unusual and weird events they cannot fully explain.

Steven Stone, Logan County historian and feud expert, wrote the foreword to the reprint of An American Vendetta. This reprint was originally published in 1889, and it represented one of the earliest journalistic accounts of the now-famous Hatfield and McCoy Feud. During that time period, many across the country first came to hear of the story through the pages of this book. Besides telling the complex and bloody story of the feud—often in blunt and the harshest of terms—this volume, penned by New York World reporter, Theron C. Crawford, presents the only known interview with feudist Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield conducted in Hatfield’s home in Logan County, West Virginia.

For additional information about the event, see woodland press.com.