Local History

The Devil's Son: Cap Hatfield and the End of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud

The Devil's Son
By: Anne Black Gray
Softcover, 352 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9852640-0-0

Nominated for the prestigious IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award.

Images of America: Logan County, West Virginia (Signed by the author)

By: F. Keith Davis
Softcover, 128 pages
ISBN: 9780738582481

Forged through time by varied cultures and numerous crises, Logan County, West Virginia provides an intriguing landscape that has nurtured equally intriguing people. In 1774, after the death of their beloved Chief Cornstalk, a tribe of Shawnee Indians led by his daughter, Princess Aracoma, settled into the area. From meager beginnings, the region began to grow, and in 1824, Logan County was formed and named in honor of Chief Logan, head of the Mingo tribe. By the late 1870s, during the height of the timber and coal industries, it was known as home to the Hatfields of the infamous feud.

When the News is Bad: Facing Life’s Fiery Trials and Discovering His Peace, His Presence and His Healing Power

When the News is Bad
By: Dan George
Softcover, 110 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9912301-2-9

Have you been given a bad report from your doctor, or are you facing some other personal challenge at this time? Regarding such storms of life, we all fit in one of three categories: soon heading into one; in the midst of one; or just coming out of one. Such is the lot for the human race, but our responses vary widely. This inspirational volume shares the personal account of one man’s journey after a devastating diagnosis of colon cancer, and the Biblical wisdom he found to help him face and overcome his adversities.

Now available for shipment!

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An American Vendetta: Hatfield and McCoy Feud

An American Vendetta
By: T.C. CRAWFORD with a Foreword by F. Keith Davis
Softcover, 158 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9852640-8-6


An American Vendetta: Story of Barbarism in the United States. Initially published in 1889, An American Vendetta represented one of the earliest journalistic accounts of the now-famous Hatfield and McCoy Feud. During that time period, many across the country first came to hear of the story through the pages of this book.


History of Logan County
By: G.T. Swain
Softcover, 384 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9824939-7-7

This volume, History Of Logan County, West Virginia, is an especially important work. The book, which was penned in 1927 by respected Logan resident and journalist G.T. Swain, paints a vivid picture of a rugged and often lawless region in bygone days.

Arch: The Life of Gov. Arch A. Moore, Jr., Softcover Edition

Arch: The Life of Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr
By: Brad Crouser
Softcover, 612 pages
ISBN: 0-9793236-3-0

Autographed by Gov. Arch Moore Copies Are Still Available, while they last.


Now in its Second Printing. Softcover, revised and re-edited.
Autographed by Gov. Arch A. Moore, Jr.

"Arch Moore's decisions — both good and bad — are like boulders altering the course of a mountain river that is West Virginia. Brad Crouser rises to the challenge of chronicling the life of the enigmatic Moore." — Hoppy Kercheval, Metronews Talkine

In My Own Time and Place: Adventures Through a Century

In My Own Time and Place: Adventures Through a Century
By: Mary Dingess Tabor Perry
Softcover, 156 pages
ISBN: 0979323614

This self-published title, by Mary Dingess Tabor Perry, is the first book under the World Literary Services imprint, a division of Woodland Press, LLC. It is a lovely memoir written and edited by 94-year-old Mary Perry, a respected woman from the City of Logan County, West Virginia. Here she shares some of the special and humorous moments from her fascinating and full life, including more than one story that will surprise and enlighten you. Many of the accounts inside are heartwarming and down-right funny. Other tales speak of a simpler time during the early part of the 20th century.

Afflicting the Comfortable - Journalism and Politics in West Virginia

Afflicting the Comfortable  -  Journalism and Politics in West Virginia
By: Thomas F. Stafford
Hardcover, 331 pages
ISBN: 1-933202-04-1

Afflicting the Comfortable: Journalism and Politics in West Virginia is a historical record intimately told. A former investigative reporter with The Raleigh Register and The Charleston Gazette, Thomas F Stafford gives a candid account of the political corruption and scandal that racked the state for decades.

"Stafford's book offers fascinating memories of secret meetings at the old Charleston Press Club, of hours searching through government file cabinets and of trips to Florida's richest beach resorts to expose greed, corruption and hypocrisy.

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