AFTER ALL THESE YEARS (Keepsake Hardcover)

After All These Years: The Authorized Biography of the Hoppers
By: F. Keith Davis
Hardcover, 272 pages
ISBN: 0-9724867-9-8

Regularly $24.95

Hardbound with bonus 16-page color section.

The biography of America’s Favorite Family of Gospel Music, "After All These Years," is a handsome, illustrated hardback with full color dust jacket. In the biography, author F. Keith Davis takes the reader on a colorful, inspiring adventure.

More Time Spent With God

More Time With God
By: Sandy Blackburn
Softcover, 190 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9852640-2-4


Time Spent With God

Time Spent With God
By: Sandy Blackburn
Softcover, 232 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9824939-8-4

Hold On: the Authorized Biography of the Greenes — SALE PRICE!

Hold On: the Authorized Biography of the Greenes
By: Mike Collins
ISBN: 0-9724867-6-3


Now considered a collector's edition, Hold On is the gripping and inspiring story of America’s Southern Gospel music trio, the Greenes. Penned in 2004 by Mike Collins, it covers everything you ever wanted to know about the early years of this talented family of singers, including the complete story of Tim Greene’s health battles. No matter how much you think you know about the Greenes, this book will captivate even the most devoted fan.

Living the Good Life — SALE PRICE!

Living the Good Life
By: Dr. Charles M. Wood II
ISBN: 0-9724867-0-4


"Inspirational, similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul…."

In Appalachia, and specifically in Southern West Virginia, Dr. Charles M. Wood II is known as an accomplished craftsman – a gifted wordsmith. A keen observer of human behavior, his clever choice of words and anecdotal stories are his tools. Here he has constructed a solid collection of inspirational and often challenging chapters.

Hero Birds

By: Emmitt Maxwell Furner II
Softcover, 154 pages
ISBN: 0941092682

Emmitt's book is an intimate memoir about a year he spent in Afghanistan assigned to Black Hawk helicopters (Hero Birds) whose brave pilots retrieved deceased American soldiers and brought them home.

As an army chaplain, Emmitt took special care of our fallen Heroes to make sure they traveled with dignity, and he always asked for God's blessings for our soldiers and their family and friends. Emmitt is a native of Parkersburg, West Virginia, and he lovingly describes his upbringing by his father, a Viet Nam veteran, and Emmitt's own love of the Mountain State and country.

OUR LAST JOURNEY: A Story of Personal Heartbreak and Eternal Hope

By: Connie J. Cumbridge
Softcover, 106 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9912301-1-2

A moving and inspiring memoir of heartache and encouragement. For 38 years, Connie had looked to her husband Earl as her spiritual rock and teacher, but never more so than during the last seven months of his life. So how could she find the courage to go on without him? Follow this couple's love story from the early years of marriage and child-rearing days, throughout the days of dealing with his rare fatal illness, and learn how precious memories and a strong faith in God continue to sustain her in this real life account, Our Last Journey.

Driving Ms. Dottie

Driving Ms. Dottie
By: Larry Ferguson with Mike Collins
Softcover, 144 pages
ISBN: 0-9724867-3-9

Penned before her untimely death, this special hardbound book is now considered a special keepsake that honors the life and legacy of a Gospel music legend, Dottie Rambo.

"After laughing and crying for years over things that have happened to us while on the road, we have often joked that these stories would make a great book. So when Larry told me he wanted to write it, I knew it would be something special. He'd never written a book before so when he let me read a few excerpts, I was totally amazed! As you will soon see, he is a natural storyteller." — Dottie Rambo

What's My Excuse — SALE PRICE!

What's My Excuse For Not Being A Christian - 12 Myths Of Christianity
By: Brad Crouser
ISBN: 0-9724967-5-5

Regularly $13.95

"This book simplifies the truths of Biblical Christianity and makes it easy to understand why believers believe what they do….Great for anyone who is just curious, or for those who want to understand more about the faith."

Distinguished author and attorney Brad Crouser explains that to many of this age, the Christian gospel message is “foolishness.” Perhaps to them it’s not a “respectable” or credible philosophy. It’s something only uneducated, unsophisticated, easily lead, gullible people would accept.

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